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About Us

Established in 1989, in Thessaloniki, A-Z Properties aim at providing real estate brokerage services of the highest standards, We specialize in Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, but also handle properties in other summer or winter resort areas.

Our customers can depend on our experience and deep knowledge of the Greek real estate market. Our extensive properties portfolio which is electronically maintained, guarantees fast processing of every demand whether it refers to buying/renting, selling/letting or evaluating a residential, commercial or industrial property.

Collaborating with trustworthy constructors, lawyers, public notaries and bankers we can help our customers complete their real estate transactions in the smoothest, fastest and most secure way. We can offer consultation on land development or investment opportunities.

Fenia Asmeniadou Zoura, head of A-Z Properties, is a certified, from University of Macedonia, Real Estate Brokers Trainer. She speaks English, French, German and Russian.

A-Z properties are a member of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).


  • Always remember that the purchaser is influenced from first impression. Ensure that your property looks its best.
  • Best deals are accomplished when both parties are at a good mood. Avoid meeting the other party when you are in a hurry, tired or irritated.
  • If you are selling land or a building whose major asset is its view or a garden, make sure that you show it on a sunny day with ample light. Avoid showing it when it is foggy or raining.
  • Whatever you are buying, scholastically check the property's titles and insist that these are re-checked at the last moment, preferably at the same day of signing the contract.
  • If you are buying a property for professional or commercial purposes choose according to the area's popularity, even if that means that you have to compromise on its size.
  • If you are buying a property for investment, choose land. The land's value always increases with time, whereas a building's value might be depreciated.
  • In the city center choose properties for commercial use, while in quiet off-center areas prefer residences.
  • A practical way to verify that the price asked for a property is fair, is to calculate its probable rental income.
  • Don't hesitate to consume the maximum amount of time on research for the ideal property. Once you find it, move fast, otherwise you might loose it.
  • Always prefer to address to a licensed real estate agent. You save time, get more options and achieve better deals.



Continuous Updating

Your demand is entered to our database and you are automaticaly informed of any property that might suit you.



We undertake the evaluation of the commercial value of every property.


Investment Consulting

We can advise you on the faster developing areas in order to invest to properties that will give you the maximum return on your investment, or on the ideal exploitation of your property according to its location and size.



We are cooperating with reliable constructors that can renovate or improve your property fast and inexpensively.


Legal Advice

Our legal advisors can help you with any complex problem regarding your real estate transaction.



We can suggest various ways to finance your property purchase and introduce you to reliable credit institutions which can realize it.